Our campground was developed as a family campground. 15 common sense general park rules have been developed to help us to maintain the ambience or atmosphere of the park, our grounds and our facilities. Our rules are guides as to we expect our visitors conduct themselves so all may continue to have an enjoyable, safe and memorable camping experience. The most common complaints are dogs running at large or off leash, dog owners not scooping, alcohol carried off the campsite, driving too fast the camping areas and of course excessive noise. Please take a moment to review our General Park Rules and act accordingly. We hope that you have hassle free stay.

What is excessive noise?

The sign at the front gate reads "No Excessive Noise At Any Time"

Some campers are very surprised when a campground attendant visits their campsite to ask that they please be quiet.  Campers must remember that the park is here for their enjoyment of the outdoors and that the trees are not sound barriers. Excessive noise is defined as any noise that can be herd by others, such as: music, dogs barking, or even loud conversations between two people.  Sitting around a campfire is simply one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have with family or friends but please remember that other campers wish to enjoy a peaceful outdoor experience.

General Camping Rules

  1. One family (parents and their children) or a maximum of 4 adults per campsite.
  2. Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Only registered campers are permitted to remain in or enter the park outside visiting hours.
  3. The maximum speed on main park roads is 30 km/h. The maximum speed in camping areas is 15 km/h.
  4. No excessive noise at any time. (All musical instruments, radios, stereos, cd players, etc must be turned off at 11 p.m.)
  5. Other than when otherwise prohibited by park management, alcoholic beverages may be possessed in the Cape Croker Park. Possession and consumption by any person must be in compliance with the Ontario Liquor License Act. (Alcohol is permitted on occupied/rented campsites only.)
  6. Campers and park visitors are responsible for their garbage. Garbage must be sorted for recycling. All garbage placed in the Garbage Depots must be bagged. Bags are available at the park office free of charge.
  7. Every person using a campsite shall at all times maintain the campsite in a condition satisfactory to the superintendent. When vacating the campsite, they shall restore the campsite as near as possible to its natural condition.
  8. Campfires are permitted only in designated fireplaces. No person shall start or maintain a fire except in a designated fireplace.
  9. Scavenging for deadwood from park lands is prohibited.
  10. The owner or person in control of a domestic animal must maintain physical control of the animal. Leashes must be no greater then 2 metres in length. Domestic animals are not permitted in swimming areas.
  11. No person shall pick or remove flora or fauna from the park.
  12. No person shall remove or damage or deface Park property or damage or deface any relict, artifact, or natural object or any site of archaeological or historical interest.
  13. No person camping in the Park shall operate an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), dirt bike or any off road vehicle on the premises. The operation of such vehicles on trails and in camping areas located in the Park is prohibited.
  14. The use of generators in all overnight camping areas is prohibited.
  15. Non-compliance with park rules may result in charges and/or eviction.