The Cape Croker Park is the venue for our annual traditional Pow-wow. Held during mid-August, the ongoing theme of the Pow-wow is "Honour our Veterans and Elders". This is a gathering of our people to celebrate our rich heritage through the drum, song and dance.

Pow-Wow Etiquette

When attending a Pow-wow (pau wau - a gathering of people coming together to trade) The following are to be observed out of respect to the Creator and the Pow-wow Ceremony.

  • Pow wows are an Alcohol and a Drug Free event
  • Dogs are not permitted
  • Everyone is asked to stand and remove their hats for certain songs the only exception is, if your hat has an Eagle Feather in it.
  • Pictures are not permitted during the Flag, Prayer, Honour songs and when an individual is honouring a drum through a whistle.
  • Always ask permission before taking any pictures.
  • Always ask permission before making any recordings.
  • We ask that people don't crowd around the drummers.
  • In our traditional teachings we are to abide by the seven grandfather teachings in everything that we do.

Humility - Respect - Love - Wisdom - Honesty -Truth - Bravery